Show Me The Steak!

So you're in Vegas and hopefully you won a bunch of money and you're ready for steak! Right? If you're on The Strip and you're in the neighborhood of the MGM Grand, I can recommend Craftsteak. They have one of the most extravagant selections of meat, fish and fowl. The one thing I noticed was the multitude of sauces and sides that accompany them. While I was doing some background research, I found that Craftsteak is listed on the 10 Best of Las Vegas list. They serve Kobe beef, lamb, duck, and swordfish to perfection. As sides, they serve some incredible roasted Jerusalem artichokes and goat cheese ravioli. That being said, this is not a cheap date.
Our bill, for the 2 of us was about $105.00 without tip. BUT, it was damn good! Try the beef hanger steak or the roasted chicken. The staff was attentive and friendly as well. Craftsteak is a cut above. Their hours are Sunday - Monday 5:30pm-10pm; Tuesday -Thursday 5pm-10pm; Friday-Saturday 5pm-10:30pm.

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