Eat At America, New York, New York

America, the restaurant has been around for awhile. It's in the New York, New York hotel and casino. It's just a great place to get some "regular" American food. I ate at the counter and had spaghetti and meat balls; great! Their menu, includes the great American dishes — great hamburgers and bar-b-que are among my favorites here. Some other favorites at America, include a huge Philly cheesesteak sandwich and buffalo wings, New York style are crowd favorites! The cool factor of America is the 30 foot by 90 foot of the U.S that hangs overhead. So, great for kids! AND, if you looking for another breakfast find, put this one on your list if your at this end of The Strip. America at New York, New York is open 24 hours and the pricing is moderate. Great find if you want to stop the spending madness!

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