Italian, Zeffirino's Style!

Zeffirino is a very nice Italian restaurant located at the Venetian, right across from Treasure Island and The Mirage. You'll find Zeffirino in the Grand Canal Shoppes. Zeffirino's, specializes in seafood recipes that have been honed to perfection since 1939 by the Zeffirino family. Zeffirino specialties include filet of sole piccola, lobster tail, fresh fish, zuppa, of course, pasta. Zeffirino’s is direct from Italy. Zeffirino Belloni first opened the family restaurant in Genova, Italy. The restaurant came to the Venetian in 1999. If you're searching for a romatic Italian Venue, this could be it. This bi-level eatery has an elegant d├ęcor with limestone columns, Venetian-style open windows, antique furniture and a dining balcony that overlooks the Grand Canal. The bar is also impressive — handcrafted and imported from Italy. No need to worry about the wine selection either. Zeffirino’s wine cellar has more than 600 selections. They do serve lunch and you might also think about the Zerririno’s Sunday brunch buffet. I've not has the brunch, but I've heard is incredible. Reservations are optional, but if you really want to eat there, I would suggest it. Expect to spend over $35 per person.

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