Show Me The Steak!

So you're in Vegas and hopefully you won a bunch of money and you're ready for steak! Right? If you're on The Strip and you're in the neighborhood of the MGM Grand, I can recommend Craftsteak. They have one of the most extravagant selections of meat, fish and fowl. The one thing I noticed was the multitude of sauces and sides that accompany them. While I was doing some background research, I found that Craftsteak is listed on the 10 Best of Las Vegas list. They serve Kobe beef, lamb, duck, and swordfish to perfection. As sides, they serve some incredible roasted Jerusalem artichokes and goat cheese ravioli. That being said, this is not a cheap date.


Sensi at Bellagio

If you're looking for ambiance, Sensi at Bellagio offers a visually stunning venue. It has a striking carved stone wall, waterfalls and is accented with mirrored chrome. Others that I've known that have eaten there say that Sensi is by far one of the most innovative and creative restaurants in Las Vegas. Sensi focuses on four complementary cuisines: Italian, Asian, grilled, and seafood classics. The quality and freshness of everything I had was perfect. I would recommend starting out with the prawns, taken live from a tank there. The entrees my party ordered were all well prepared — the American kobe ribeye was great! If you're only available for lunch, try the mini burgers or pizzas. Sensi at Bellagio is one place you'll want to leave room for dessert — it equals or exceeds the entrees. You will not be disappointed with Sensi at Bellagio!


Italian, Zeffirino's Style!

Zeffirino is a very nice Italian restaurant located at the Venetian, right across from Treasure Island and The Mirage. You'll find Zeffirino in the Grand Canal Shoppes. Zeffirino's, specializes in seafood recipes that have been honed to perfection since 1939 by the Zeffirino family. Zeffirino specialties include filet of sole piccola, lobster tail, fresh fish, zuppa, of course, pasta. Zeffirino’s is direct from Italy. Zeffirino Belloni first opened the family restaurant in Genova, Italy. The restaurant came to the Venetian in 1999. If you're searching for a romatic Italian Venue, this could be it. This bi-level eatery has an elegant d├ęcor with limestone columns, Venetian-style open windows, antique furniture and a dining balcony that overlooks the Grand Canal. The bar is also impressive — handcrafted and imported from Italy. No need to worry about the wine selection either. Zeffirino’s wine cellar has more than 600 selections. They do serve lunch and you might also think about the Zerririno’s Sunday brunch buffet. I've not has the brunch, but I've heard is incredible. Reservations are optional, but if you really want to eat there, I would suggest it. Expect to spend over $35 per person.


Eat At America, New York, New York

America, the restaurant has been around for awhile. It's in the New York, New York hotel and casino. It's just a great place to get some "regular" American food. I ate at the counter and had spaghetti and meat balls; great! Their menu, includes the great American dishes — great hamburgers and bar-b-que are among my favorites here. Some other favorites at America, include a huge Philly cheesesteak sandwich and buffalo wings, New York style are crowd favorites! The cool factor of America is the 30 foot by 90 foot of the U.S that hangs overhead. So, great for kids! AND, if you looking for another breakfast find, put this one on your list if your at this end of The Strip. America at New York, New York is open 24 hours and the pricing is moderate. Great find if you want to stop the spending madness!


Hit The Buffet at Treasure Island!

Thinking breakfast? There's no doubt that things have changed in Las Vegas just over the past five years. If you're staying on The Strip and you'd like to hunt down a little hole in the wall for some simple bacon and eggs — good luck! There is a Denny's near the Venetian, but the line will be out the door during prime time. However, I just got back from Vegas and I have to tell you, one of the best buffets on The Strip is the the Buffet at Treasure Island; otherwise known as TI for you newcomers. Breakfast starts at 7:00 a.m. — runs through 11 a.m., Monday-Friday. For $12.00, it's not a bad deal at all. Seating was fast, the spread was perfect and the service was great! It's kind of a "mod" setting; you know, the dark wood with the large lamp shades. So many Las Vegas restaurants and clubs are going to this look. I can recommend this buffet — for breakfast at least — to any hungry visitor staying on The Strip. Keep in mind, if you show up Sat. or Sun. for breakfast, it will cost you $15; $18 with champagne. The champagne brunch runs from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Just another note about times: They're open for lunch from 11-4, Monday-Friday, $15.00. For dinner, 4-10:30, Monday-Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, dinner will cost you $26.00.

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