Sensi at Bellagio

If you're looking for ambiance, Sensi at Bellagio offers a visually stunning venue. It has a striking carved stone wall, waterfalls and is accented with mirrored chrome. Others that I've known that have eaten there say that Sensi is by far one of the most innovative and creative restaurants in Las Vegas. Sensi focuses on four complementary cuisines: Italian, Asian, grilled, and seafood classics. The quality and freshness of everything I had was perfect. I would recommend starting out with the prawns, taken live from a tank there. The entrees my party ordered were all well prepared — the American kobe ribeye was great! If you're only available for lunch, try the mini burgers or pizzas. Sensi at Bellagio is one place you'll want to leave room for dessert — it equals or exceeds the entrees. You will not be disappointed with Sensi at Bellagio!

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